Why marketing is important and how to economic in 2022


Why Marketing for concern

Marketing is nothing but advertising about your business. Without marketing there is no huge sales of your product. Marketing helps you to selling your products easily and better as compared to nothing advertise about your product. Everything in this modern world there is behind marketing, even toothpaste, costly car, etc. there is behind marketing.

Starting stage of marketing

Long years ago, advertisement made by newspaper through wording. After that picture type advertising become popular and one images makes the meaning of hundred things and after that television advertising is very famous in marketing world. One video gives the meaning of thousands of things to our mind. Psychologically, wording advertising remind in our mind is 20%, images ads remind in our mind is 50% and lastly video plus voice added advertising stored in our mind is 90%, then only easily remind the cinema movies scenes accurately. Marketing can do anything in this modern world, using this to sell the product internationally and world widely. Using this tool to make large number of customers to our companies.

Different type of marketing

Some of the marketing types are

  1. Traditional marketing
  2. Network marketing
  3. Digital marketing

There are different types of marketing there and each of them has different values according to their process.

Traditional Marketing

In the time of radio, television popular period there is a traditional marketing is familiar at that time. It has both advantages and disadvantages also. Advantage is spreading advertisement many more people. Disadvantage is every people who watch the ads weren’t brought the product. Then this traditional marketing is not only focused on which people like our product and also reaching who doesn’t make interest on that product. Even though it has disadvantages it is very useful to that people who using this type of marketing.

Network marketing

Another marketing is network marketing, there is very huge number of network marketing companies are present worldwide, but some of them has make strong name among them. In this type of marketing is selling a product and gives information about company providing benefits to the people who are willing to be a better seller. Not only selling is behind in this marketing process, leading the team members, handling the people in your team, improving communication skills, developing the knowledge in marketing and some related techniques are there in this marketing. Many people who doing this network marketing earning many profits and anyone can be do this type of marketing, but initially it is slightly tough. Simply about this network marketing is building a team and the team doing the same thing what the upper people do and telling the company offers to who are joining under company and makes the better sales to them. This type of marketing is advertised to the people orally without any traditional marketing method, because of this of advertise to the people then only they got money through commission after the selling and make the people be the member of that company. This type of processes is done in network marketing and basically this is the major process.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is nothing but advertise the product to targeted people who really likes to buy that product is happen in digital marketing. It not like a traditional marketing, there is a lot of difference between them. Using this digital marketing or online marketing publishes your business and your quality of products. Through trustworthiness and rating of your company and your sales. Nowadays this type marketing is very useful for who want to advertising. After the launching of smartphone, this type advertising is very much better. This area has better scope in modern days. Because of many people has digital device, this digital marketing is very trend and easy to spread the advertisement to the particular people and particular area.

It is a big tree

Yes, digital marketing is a big tree and it has many branches inside it. It is mainly useful for one who doing business and they use it for their business and run it successfully. Some of the branches are E-mail marketing, social media marketing, learn about search engine optimization, Google Ads, Affiliate marketing, Ecommerce marketing, etc.

Why Marketing Is Important?

In this world, many entrepreneurs are doing their own business and they need to advertise about their business is very necessary. Because of this important causes evolved the marketing and now it created so many medium of marketing types. Doing of some work but without spreading of that will not be worth of it. So marketing is very important.

 Importance of marketing

1.Communication skills: 

Communication skills is very important in marketing because without communication, marketing process will not be better or effective, so keep on your mind when you start a business and to make an advertisement about your products or anything process communication related video or audio or images very predominant.


Creative is very important in marketing, even though a small simple thing also got famous because of this creativeness, it means marketing doesn’t have to be dirty words foe writers; we can make it very fun and establish our creative side.


When you come into the marketing, you must connect with others is very important things so, you have to appreciate a person heartfully, it created a good connection. It makes them their work is helpful others. These techniques also using in marketing.

4.Marketing is adaptable:

Good marketing is about getting foundational philosophies in place. After that, so many tricks, tools, and platforms out there to suit every type of business and person.

5.Marketing impacts whole business:

Once a business owner understands the foundation of marketing and how it exists to help them reach their financial goals, they get excited about how this impact everything they do- from HR to customer service to messaging.

6.Always learning:

Human beings are complex, and so is culture. If we’re doing marketing right, we always discovering what people want and how they respond to things. Yes it does mean we have to adapt our strategies and messaging, but how fun to keep growing.

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