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It does not matter where or how 안전놀이터you choose to play Book of Darkness online for money because it is a delightful game with a magic-themed that you will like because of its intriguing bonus features – provided that you can trigger them. Book of Darkness is a slot machine. If you had a good time playing the Book of Darkness slot machine online, you might be interested in reading the next blog post, in which we recommend some additional slot machines with magical themes. The gaming industry frequently incorporates elements related to Asian culture into its games. Betsoft has devised a method to use its remarkable 3D graphics while adding its unique spin to a concept that is already well known.

This game focuses

This game focuses on Chinese cuisine안전놀이터rather than traditional Chinese motifs such as dragons, pandas, and zodiac signs. To be more particular, it uses classic Chinese dim sum dishes that are thought to have originated in the province of Guangdong in China.

The online slot game Dim Sum Prize was made available for play in the autumn of 2020. Because it is a relatively new game, many people are curious about how to play Dim Sum Prizes.

This is when we come into the picture. Our review of the Dim Sum Prize slot machine will provide you with all the information you require to understand how the game is played.


Let’s begin by being familiar with the many technical particulars, shall we? The fact that the Dim Sum Prize does not contain many additional features is the only explanation for why it can advertise such an impressive RTP.


That in no way indicates that the Dim Sum Prize slot game is a dull one to play. It has a few extra features, which we shall review in a second. But first, you must have an understanding of the game’s symbols. On the slot machine known as the Dim Sum Prize, each icon illustrates a different type of dim sum dish. If you are unfamiliar with dim sum, that could be difficult to understand.

Despite this, we are grateful that Betsoft chose to remain faithful to the idea rather than introducing card symbols that would have needed to be put in this context.

On the Dim Sum Prize video slot machine at the casino, the rice bowl, chicken feet, and rice noodle rolls are the high-paying symbols. A plate displays each of these symbols in their entirety.

This will make it easier for you to differentiate them from the low-paying symbols, all presented in a steam basket similar to the one used for dim sum. They consist of shrimp, buns filled with pork, cabbage rolls, and dumplings.

You’ll also see three more symbols on the reels, in addition to these, while you spin the reels. These are related to the bonus features found in the Dim Sum Prize slot machine.

Nothing here can be considered ground-breaking. These additional elements are quite easy to understand and can be found in various other games.

This lack of innovation and enthusiasm may disappoint some of the audience members. However, they accomplish what they set out to do.

They increase the thrill of the game and provide you with additional chances to win, all without impacting the RTP of the game as a whole.


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