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After you have decided how you want to wager, you can메이저사이트 begin the hand by clicking the Deal / Spin button. The reel for the slot machine is laid out on a five-by-three grid. However, you’ll only be able to see the center reel spin during the transaction.

As soon as the reels on the machine come to a halt spinning,메이저사이트 a five-card hand will be shown on the middle reel. Only the center reel or hand is dealt when the game begins, regardless of whether or not you are playing all nine pay lines.

You get to choose which cards will remain in the middle hand, and each card you keep will have a duplicate placed on the other three lines in the grid.

Take a look at this example:

You maintain one ace in the middle position of your hand. After that, you’ll notice that authority is retained in the spot above and below the central hand.

After you have completed selecting cards, you can fill up your hands by clicking the Draw / Spin button. To decide your final hands, the game will spin all the slots that do not currently contain holding cards.

When the reels have stopped spinning, you will notice that pay lines are connected to any winning combination you have formed. You can figure out how wins occur in the 5 x 3 grid by looking at the pay lines that flow through winning hands, which is a helpful feature.

Video Poker

If you have experience playing slot machines, transitioning to Spin Poker will take a little getting used to. During the draw phase, the most important thing to focus on is making decisions that are in your best interests.


Compared to regular slot machines, the rewards are handled differently here.

Because each symbol is drawn from a standard deck of playing cards, there is no chance you will see the same one twice on the reels. Compared to slot machines, which have a high probability of displaying the same symbols, this is in stark contrast.

Every player will need help picking up the slots component of Super Times Pay Spin Poker, except for a few minute details.

The Super Times Pay multipliers are triggered when the maximum stake of five coins and a single coin bonus bet are placed simultaneously. You will need to bet a different currency on each of the slot machine’s nine pay lines to receive multipliers on any of those lines.

The multiplier is provided randomly on winnings, and its value can range from two to ten times the original win.

You have won a four-of-a-kind, which is worth 25 coins, along with a fourfold multiplier. Your reward will be increased to 100 coins due to this action. You will gain 20.33% more money overall if you use this average multiplier, compared to the extra 20.0% you risk by placing the bonus bet. Because the Super Times Pay feature has a positive expected value (+EV), you should win at least one hand out of every two when you play it.


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