Skincare rules to follow in your 30s

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30s are an exciting time. You throw away the inhibitions from the 20s. You are more self-assured, unapologetic about yourself, and carry a little more of the devil may care attitude.

But with all the good, also come some of the complications, namely aging skin. The youthful skin of 20s departs, and a trickier version makes appearance.

The signs of aging already start to make guest appearance, especially if you have not been careful during the previous decades. There are more frequent visits to the Dermatologist in Lahore, thanks to all the added texture to the skin, crow’s feet, and all the collagen running out.

However, with some proper management, you can enjoy your 30s with bang, and a good skin.

Skincare rules for the 30s

Invest in a great moisturizer!

Just as you need a good laptop or phone to work, because a good machine does that bulk of the task anyways, you need a great moisturizer as a part of your skincare routine.

A moisturizer is required for to keep your skin hydrated. It also helps in keeping the skin barrier intact, and therefore, protects against damage done otherwise to the skin when the barrier is compromised.

Moisturizer is also imperative for improving texture of the skin but most importantly, religiously moisturizing is extremely crucial for preventing premature aging.

However, be very smart about getting a moisturizer –hence the focus on great. If the formula is too thick and heavy, it might clog your pores. And to pack an extra punch, use one that carries other ingredients like antioxidants so that your moisturizer also helps in improving your skin. One with collagen with be great, but those can be expensive.

Look for collagen

Talking about collagen, in your 30s, you know whom to befriend. A skin protein, collagen helps in keeping your skin smooth, taut, and looking youthful. But with age, its supple decreases, so it needs to be supplemented.

So, look for skincare products that contain collagen, like peptides with collagen. There are many supplements that are also available that can be of help.

Sunscreen, do not ever leave it

Leave your phone, leave your book, leave your cup of tea, but do not leave your sunscreen. Aging, and signs thereof, become real as is when you get to your 30s, and add sun exposure to the mix, and you have recipe for fine lines and wrinkles.

A cardinal skincare rule for all decades but especially your 30s is to make sunscreen a must. Use a broad spectrum one with SPF of at least 30. Reapply it after every 2 hours. And even with a sunscreen, avoid sunlight exposure during midday.

Vitamin C should be on your shelf

While the whole science of skincare with its fancy potions and never ending new finds can be too much, one trusty ingredient to always have on your shelf is vitamin C serum.

As an antioxidant, vitamin C is excellent for remedying the damage done by the environmental factors. It also helps in improving texture of the skin, dealing with hyperpigmentation, making the skin hydrated and yes, improving the signs of aging.

Regular exfoliation is a must

Exfoliation helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells that not only make the complexion look dull, but clog pores that can cause breakouts. Moreover, exfoliation also helps in improving skin cell turnover, which is very-much needed in your 30s.

Do not go all out

Just because you entered the third decade of your life does not mean you need to go overboard. Less is sometimes, more. If your skin is cooperating, then perhaps, it is better that you use products that are strictly needed, rather than putting on every and anything.

Otherwise, you are not spending but rather wasting your money. It is also bad for the planet. Not letting your skin cater to concerns that it should be resolving on its own makes it complacent and dependent on the products, as your doctor at National Hospital & Medical Centre would also tell you. Moreover, an overly ambitious routine is also not doable in the long-term. Instead, keep it simple and practical.

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