Safari Stacks feature on Safari Sam 2 of casino on Major Playground Toto


As soon as the novelty of trying out a brand-new 메이저놀이터game wears off, you might wonder what sets out the casino game Safari Sam 2 from the rest of the pack. That should be when you start to encounter the bonus features available in Safari Sam 2 if the scheduling works out. You will see why we enjoy playing Safari Sam 2 for real money online after you have the opportunity to witness all of these added features in action.

Bonus Content Included in the Base Game

The Safari Sam slot game’s base game has not one메이저놀이터 but two different extra bonuses for players to take advantage of. The Safari Stack and the Call of the Wild are the names of these two stacks.

Safari Stacks

When you get three symbols piled on top of each other, you will have triggered the Safari Stack bonus round. When you have three of such symbols, you will immediately be eligible for a payment.

Most slot machines only provide winning opportunities on horizontal pay lines. It is the same as adding five additional pay lines if you offer rewards for symbols that are joined vertically.

However, that are only some things the Safari Stack can do. Your compensation for the Safari Stack will cause the stack to crumble after you have collected it. In their stead, new symbols will emerge to take their place.

You may be eligible for an additional payout if the new symbols on a horizontal pay line match the other symbols on that line.

If three symbols

If three symbols of the same kind fall into place, then the Safari Stack feature will be activated again. Cascading symbols will continue to fall onto the reels until no more Safari Stacks are left on the screen.

When playing the Safari Sam 2 slot machine online, we observed that we won more often on the Safari Stack than on the horizontal pay lines. This was something that we discovered when we were playing the game. Because of this feature, our payouts were considerably affected.

The compass that Safari Sam uses is the game’s wild sign, and when it appears by itself, it can sub in for any other symbol in the game, except the acacia scatter symbol. This may make it easier for you to acquire additional Safari Stacks.

In addition, it is necessary to activate the Call of the Wild extra feature.

The bonus round in Safari Sam 2’s version of Call of the Wild bonus round

When playing for real money on the Safari Sam 2 slot machine, the Call of the Wild bonus round can appear before the first spin. When the Call of the Wild effect takes place, the wild symbol will act as a stacked wild instead of its usual function.

The wild symbol will appear on only one reel most of the time. However, the Call of the Wild feature has the potential to turn up to four of the reels wild. The more wilds there are in the game, the higher your chances are of coming out on top.


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