How Atlantic City Became the World’s Playground


Atlantic City has been a tourist destination, the hub of casinos and a leisure-seekers paradise since the beginning of the 20th century. Visitors from all over the United States have been coming to the state’s most popular tourist destination to play, drink, and, more importantly, win cash. The gambling scene is a significant part of Atlantic City, has changed and changed with the changing times, and 2020 is expected to be a whirlwind in the growth of this game. Casinos online like BetMGM provide many 메이저놀이터 options for those who love to gamble and sports fans. It’s no wonder Atlantic City is widely known as “The World’s Playground” -since the prohibition era; players have been able to enjoy the picturesque beachfront location, relax and have fun with no care anywhere in the world. What exactly happened to make Atlantic City come to be famous as the place to be for gambling, indulgence, and being lucky?

Atlantic City: Prime Playground Property

Atlantic City, New Jersey is situated on Atlantic City, New Jersey, is located along the Atlantic Ocean and boasts sprawling beaches. This has made the city a prime destination for hotel property kingpins since the 1800s. The first hotel in the town, The United States Hotel, was the largest one in the United States at the time and had more than 600 rooms and spread over 14 acres. The building of the famous Atlantic Beach Boardwalk was done in 1870 and triggered the growth of hotel construction in the early 1900s. Hotels like The Ritz Carlton, Mayflower and the 24-story tall Claridge are built all on the Boardwalk in the early 1900s, resulting in the term “Boardwalk Empire”. The late 1920s saw Atlantic City ascend to becoming the most sought-after summer tourist destination in the East Coast of the United States.

No Prohibition for Atlantic City

It was the Prohibition Era can be considered Atlantic City’s “Golden Era” of tourism. Because of the monopoly of the tourism-driven economy, the business owners’ primary goal was to ensure that their clients were happy and their hotels were complete. Thus, the prohibition period during the prohibition era in Atlantic City looked a whole different from other cities in the United States. It was a place where alcohol was readily available, and it was definitely promoted. Local officials in Atlantic City took it upon themselves to oversee the smuggling operation, allowing the rum runners to sneak drinks into cities using the docks. Atlantic City was a place that allowed people to let go of the limitations of their daily lives and was a place which encouraged its citizens to play, to feel liberated and to feel invincible. The spirit of fun and freedom provided the ideal environment that allowed nightlife to flourish, and amid the festivity, the people began gambling and betting too. New Jersey was a state where New Jersey was notoriously lenient to gambling even though gambling was prohibited in 1897. In the prohibition period in the 1920s and 1930s, the rise of speakeasy bars and active nightlife made betting and bookmaking operations simple to set up and sustain. The population was in the midst of chaos, and gambling made the lifestyle more thrilling. With the help of money, alcohol, music, and parties, Atlantic City became “The World’s Playground”.

Legalizing Gambling in Atlantic City

Much like other wars throughout the United States, the Second World War impacted the economy of tourism that was thriving in Atlantic City. Because of the economic downturn popularity of casinos and resorts declined. At first glance, Atlantic City’s glory days seemed to fast fade. In the 1960s, many hotels were being converted into housing blocks or for homes for elderly people. However, in the early part of the 70s, attempts were taken to revitalize the resort town’s economic and social standing The initial step was legalizing gambling within New Jersey. New Jersey. In a referendum in 1974, only 40 per cent of New Jersey residents voted for the legalization of gambling across the state. Fears of mob involvement and corruption leaking into their business and economy caused New Jersey residents to opt against gambling. But, Atlantic City businessmen and local officials held firm to their conviction that the legalization of gambling would bring about the revival from “The World’s Playground” and advised people to vote for legalizing gambling within the confines of Atlantic City only. In 1976, gambling became legally permitted within Atlantic City. Casinos began popping up all over the city, and the first official gambling establishment, Resorts Atlantic City, was already having its doors opened in 1978.

The Casino Boom

The 1980s saw a significant rise in the number of tourists visiting Atlantic City, and the gambling and casino industries grew. The real estate market within Atlantic City was a hot item, and property tycoons like Donald Trump swooped in and started constructing casinos right, left and middle. At the close of the 80s, Trump was the owner of Trump Plaza, Trump Castle and The Trump Taj Mahal, with plans to create another. Atlantic City was once again the ideal place to play and have a good time. Trump’s reign on his reign over the Atlantic City casino scene lasted through the 90s. However, the turning of the century was the time for a new appearance and feel. It was in 2003 that MGM Mirage 메이저놀이터 Company and Boyd Gaming launched the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. It was the Borgata that provided an enhanced gambling experience for Atlantic City. There were no hundreds of machines. The Borgata offered more than 200 tables and numerous poker facilities. Borgata was an experience that was both elegant and sophisticated. Borgata casino was elegant and refined, and the casino had luxurious restaurants as well as a vibrant nightlife scene. The year 2005 was the most successful for Borgata. Borgata’s revenues were estimated at $700 billion, making it the top-earning casino in Atlantic City. In the years 2000, Borgata was the market leader despite another downturn in the economy that impacted the casinos of Atlantic City, forcing them to shut down in 2014.

Atlantic City Takes Gambling Online

It is believed that the Borgata group was among five founded Atlantic City casinos to start offering online gaming services at the closing of 2012. The online gambling option for Atlantic City casinos was now accessible to players in the State of New Jersey. The introduction of online gambling provided a wealth of possibilities, not just for the casino owners too. The revenue from online gambling soared by 32% between 2015 to the year 2016. The platform that was more accessible generated enthusiasm from the players and sparked the interest of those interested in betting on sports, especially.

BetMGM Keeping the Playground Magic Alive

Online sportsbooks are now well-liked by residents of the State of New Jersey. BetMGM is among the most well-known online gambling and sports betting sites and was the first online gambling website located in New Jersey. BetMGM allows its players to bet on a vast range of sporting events ranging from the most well-known to the lesser-known or niche selections. The numerous options offered by BetMGM encourage players to enjoy themselves and play, making the perfect complement to “The World’s Playground”. Atlantic City has built its reputation by encouraging people to have fun, relax and enjoy themselves. Gambling online and betting on sports and the services offered by BetMGM make the games available wherever you’re in the world, allowing you to enjoy the magic of The Playground anytime you want.


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