Buy Heets Online from MyHeets – Home to the Best Quality Heets in Dubai

Buy Heets Online from MyHeets - Home to the Best Quality Heets in Dubai

The latest, greatest and coolest way of inhaling nicotine is using an IQOS device instead of smoking regular cigarettes. With these smart gadgets, you will have better control over the quantity of nicotine you consume, and there will be no lingering odor after smoking. And there are a variety of interesting and exciting flavors to pick from. So, to summarize, IQOS Heets cigarettes are your best alternative if you want to smoke in a healthier way.

Anyone looking to buy heets online around Dubai or UAE can get them from our trusted shop at MyHeets. Just check out our wide range of heated stick selections and choose your favourite:

Heets Amber

This popular flavor of heets smells fairly a hearty and rich due to its toasted tobacco tones. Because of that, the heated sticks amber might be very good for individuals who are new to IQOS Heets. You will discover that it contains a considerable amount of nicotine, just like regular cigarettes.

Heets Yellow Selection

When compared to the highly aromatic Amber, this one has significantly milder tones. If you want a light tobacco flavor without menthol, this flavor is for you. The blend of mellow tobacco and spice might satisfy your nicotine cravings. If you don’t smoke or only smoke on occasion, you can use it every day.

Bronze Selection

This Heets flavor combines the scent of dried fruit with hints of chocolate. You will have a unique sensation if you try this one since it is so different from ordinary smokes. However, it has the strongest tobacco undertones of all of the heated sticks. If you are a regular cigarette smoker and slowly transitioning to IQOS then this is a very good solution for you.

Turquoise Selection

This flavour of heets has menthol undertones. The high-quality tobacco blend of this heated stick features a velvety smooth aroma with slight hint of spices. If you are a menthol cigarettes fan then this is the ideal fit for you.

Heets Purple Wave

People who enjoy experiencing with different flavours are in for a treat with this one. It smells tingly like berries and has a faint menthol taste. You will start to feel the effects of the nicotine from the very first puff of Purple Wave. Gradually It will release a menthol flavor that has berry tones in the end.

Silver Selection

This flavour was created with conventional Marlboro lovers in mind. The velvety tone of the premium tobacco blend of this heet will surely give you a delightful experience. This one is the most sold item in Dubai since it includes a hint of parliament flavour.

Heets Green Zing

The citrus and herbal aromas in this product are very refreshing. The primary menthol notes are coupled with high-quality tobacco. This flavour will tantalize your taste buds and help you resist the urge to smoke. This is a very good option for menthol lovers however many long-term smokers maight find it a little too strong.

Heets Tropical Swift

This one is also a fantastic menthol and tropical fruit taste combination. The twisted tobacco aroma will continue to amaze you. However, we recommend you to give it a go from time to time but this flavour is not suggested for daily intake. Even conventional smokers think of this one as a bit too sweet.

Heets Gold Selection

This is a fantastic blend of premium tobaccos. You’ll have a better smoking experience with the velvety tones than with traditional cigarettes. Smokers who intend to switch over should consider it as well. Heets are similar to conventional cigarettes with a spicy taste.

Premium Heets Creation Flavor

This is a wonderful premium tobacco mix. The smooth tones of this one will provide a more enjoyable smoking experience compared to the regular cigarettes. The Heets taste a bit of spice and its can be compared to normal cigarettes.

Creation Yugen

This premium tasting line can easily be recognized by its flowery smell and strong mix of fruity tones. You can get your nicotine kick fairly easily with this fantastic taste combo. Girls who like the mild undertones of cigarettes and fresh fragrances are drawn to it.

Heets Creation Apricity

First thing you will notice when you try this one is it’s woody aromas with a smooth nicotine tone. When you breathe in and out, you’ll feel warm. As the warm tobacco scent mixes with the sweet aroma, your senses will remain awake. This heets flavor is quite popular among regular smokers in Dubai.

Heets Creation Glaze

Aromatic herb is combined with the smoothness of tobacco and mild spice undertones in this one. This is a fantastic series of heated sticks that you will keep coming back for. Each puff will deliver a different amount of nicotine enjoyment. This taste is popular among many heets users.

Heets Creation Noor

This taste combines citrus tones and toasty tobacco. The velvety undertone of the nicotine will stimulate your taste and give your throat a warm lemony taste. Many people prefer this flavour since it is mild and does not irritate the throat.

Premium Heets Dimensions:

Yugen Dimensions:

This one is pretty famous among regular smokers. It is a limited-edition taste, so make sure to try it before IQOS discontinues its production. The floral nnotes and the fresh aroma of herbs skillfully match the smouldering tobacco overtones of this special heated stick. There is a high demand for Yugen Dimension in Dubai.

Heets Noor Dimensions

This scent was created by a specialist of heets flavour. This one is also a limited edition so grab it before it is out of the market. When you exhale with these heets you will feel a warm sensation accompanied by a fruitiness that is ought to enhance the tobacco. if you like to try new things then definitely go for this IQOS flavor.

Heets Ammil Dimensions

This limited-edition heated stick tastes like a mix of warm tobacco with woody notes. The scent is of mellow tobacco with spicy undertones. This is an ideal taste that smokers wanting to quit and switch to a healthier IQOS option could definitely go for.

Are you satisfied with our selection? Or, at the very least, interested to sample some of these intriguing heets flavors? Then go to MyHeets to buy heets online or discover more about us. Please contact us if you have any questions.



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