Bonus Rounds or Free Spins Feature on Toto Site


The fact that green fireflies bring along토토사이트 a swarm of other fireflies is one of the reasons they are so desirable. Because the multipliers are proportional to the number of fireflies that appear on the reels, having a large number of fireflies on the reels simultaneously significantly boosts your chances of earning a substantial amount.

There is no pattern to the appearance of the firefly. Before taking flight, they make their way around the hive one hexagon at a time for an undetermined number of rotations.

When the green firefly appeared, we knew it was 토토사이트a good sign since it indicated that we were about to receive multiple bonuses all at once. This caused us to get extremely enthusiastic.

The red firefly will bring you enough honey to fill the purple meter if you are fortunate. You will immediately be awarded five free spins when it reaches its maximum capacity. To fill the nectar meter, you need to make a total of twelve deposits of nectar.

Certain species

Certain species of red fireflies only leave one nectar deposit. Others will make more than one deposit. It is completely random, although the odds of a single firefly making several deposits increase with the amount you bet up to a certain point.

Compared to games

Compared to games that award free spins whenever three or more scatter symbols appear, the requirement of twelve nectar deposits seems too high.

The advantage of the nectar meter, on the other hand, is that it allows you to accumulate nectar across several spins. When the number of scatter symbols determines the number of spins you get, you need all of the symbols on the same spin. This is going to take more work to do.


If you frequently alter the total amount of your wager throughout a single spin, there may be better options than the Mystic Hive slot machine. Your violet nectar meter will be reset if you make a change to the amount that you wager. Because you do not want to throw away the nectar you have already gathered, you should maintain the same level of wagering until you activate that function.

The free spins extra feature of the Mystic Hive slot game will become active after the player has filled up the violet nectar meter.

You will be granted five free spins to use at your leisure. As soon as you activate the free games, the firefly will vanish from the screen. The unfortunate implication is that you will not be able to retrigger the feature that awards you with free spins.

On the upside, you will begin your free spins with nectar burst wilds. This is something to look forward to. You can obtain one, two, or even three wilds; the exact amount of wilds you receive is determined by chance.

After each spin, each of these wilds will spread into the hexagons that are adjacent to them. If you start the free spins with three wilds, you have a chance of finishing with all but three of the symbols on the reels being wilds by the time you reach the end of the free spins.

Remember, the wilds payoff as green jewels when you have a pay line full of wilds. The Mystic Hive slot game has a symbol with the highest payout potential, a green gem.

This has the potential to result in extremely lucrative prizes throughout your five free games. Even though it’s annoying that you can’t keep retriggering the feature that gives you free spins, the fact that you can win bigger prizes can help make up for it.


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