Best FBA Tools for Amazon Sellers in 2022

FBA Tools for Amazon Sellers in 2022

In 2022, hundreds of amazon seller tools software tools are accessible to help with duties such as product research, keyword research, listing optimization, bookkeeping, sales analytics, and review requests. As Amazon experts at Jungle Scout, we know which tools are best suited for growing and running your business.

Tools for researching products and competitors

  1. The Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder and Product Database Extension

Anyone reading this story shouldn’t be surprised by this. Since Jungle Scout has been in operation for more than seven years, selling on Amazon and FBA have become synonymous terms. From an add-on to a comprehensive set of tools for product research, sales statistics, review requests, and inventory management, Jungle Scout has evolved.

  1. Free Sales Estimator from Jungle Scout

You may always use Jungle Scout’s Sales Estimator to investigate Amazon sales without taking any risks if you’re just starting out or unsure about becoming a vendor. The estimator in Jungle Scout’s Seller Tools collection is powered by the same data science engine as the other Amazon seller tools. You can use the Estimator to find out the anticipated number of units sold in a month by simply entering an Amazon product’s Best Seller Rank (BSR), selecting its parent category, and selecting the marketplace.

  1. Keepa

Each Amazon product listing page has a widget from Keepa. Keepa that provides information on a product’s historical BSR, average price (used, new, and Amazon’s), lightning offers, review count, rating count, and other useful statistics. Rather of only focusing on a product’s current Best Seller Rank, you can use this tool to gain a thorough idea of how that product will perform over the course of time on Amazon. This resource, which is well-known to almost all Amazon sellers, can assist you in finding products for dropshipping, private label, wholesale, retail arbitrage, and online arbitrage.

  1. RevSeller

An Amazon revenue calculator is added by the Chrome addon RevSeller to any Amazon listing. For online arbitrage merchants who need to quickly analyse BSR and calculate profit possibilities, this tool is ideal. No matter whether you sell through FBM or FBA, all Amazon fees will be taken into account if you simply enter the selling price and your buy cost in the calculator. Additionally, the tool will display a possible ROI and profit margin each sale.

  1. The Inventory Manager for Jungle Scout

To ensure that you never run out of stock or order too much inventory, Inventory Manager lets you accurately forecast how much inventory your Amazon business needs. Automating your inventory planning with this application will save you money on storage costs and stockouts.

  1. Inventory Lab

Inventory Lab is an excellent tool for assisting Amazon sellers in inventory management, product listing, shipment creation, and profit and loss tracking. You can use this tool to add unit costs, view profitability per SKU, and check how much stock you currently have on hand for each SKU. You may focus on increasing your sales and boosting your inventory by using this technology to optimize your business procedures.

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