Access Akashic Records: Our Soul’s Book of Infinite Wisdom

Access Akashic Records Our Soul’s Book of Infinite Wisdom

The Akashic Records is the Book of Infinite Wisdom. It provides us with the dimensions of self-awareness that includes all the records of past lives, experiences of each soul, and their journey. Most of us would like to comprehend the sources of the repeated pattern of our lives that don’t make any sense with the connection with our immediate lives. 

We might all love to have an instruction manual to inform us through the pitfalls and challenges and analyze to embody our location in it. The Akashic Records hold that wisdom that provides us that piece of information to grasp your existence and its lessons. They are a library of guidebooks that enlighten you in apprehending yourself and your vicinity in the divine universe.

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The Akashic Record opening helps you enter the library and locate your soul’s Book of infinite Wisdom. Through Akashic Records meditations and prayers, you can visualize and analyze how to examine your records, apprehend their meaning, and use that information to alternate your life. The Akashic Records will give you a  piece of unique and realistic information to study the fundamental knowledge of your soul’s purpose in this lifetime and universe. 

What is Wisdom?

Wisdom is the blend of our experiences in life. We become wiser when encountering difficult situations requiring critical thinking and analytical problem-solving. Our wise decisions contribute to our ability to make intelligent judgments about mysterious situations in life. You cannot access or develop wisdom overnight. It requires a lot of experience to develop your critical thinking skills. 

How accessing Akashic Records leads you to the Book Of Infinite Wisdom?

Akashic Records are the pathway that leads us to the infinite wisdom to understand divinity and become adherent to the soul’s discovery. The Akashic wisdom enables you to guide the additional energies as you glide lightly through endless oceans of knowledge. Accessing your Akashic knowledge is an opportunity to investigate the complicated sequences that form your fortune and how to manipulate them to your desire. Accessing Akashic Wisdom can:

  • Exchange the karmic patterns of the past with new ones in your current life.
  • Avoid being caught in loops brought on by means of negative patterns rooted in your past lives around you.
  • Shield you from the terrible power that blocks your progress.
  • Heal previous wounds that you have been avoiding.
  • Confront your biggest fears. 
  • Access all sections of your soul.
  • Analyze the intellectual abilities that affect your strength field.
  • Find new methods to manage your aura.
  • Help others get the right of entry to their Akashic Records.
  • Unshackle yourself from the restrictions imposed upon you by your past traumatic experiences.
  • Reconnect with your soul’s energy, and bridge it into your immediate life.

The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records by Lisa Barnett

Lisa Barnett is a well-known Akashic practitioner, healer, teacher, and author. She has given more than thirty years of her life to practicing Akashic Records in helping others transform their lives through accessing their Akashic Records. 

The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records is a high-quality book with unparalleled techniques to access Akashic wisdom for transformation. Accessing the Akashic Records is one of the most effective paths to self-awareness and soul discovery. 

Through her own experiences and practice, Lisa has shared the secret to discovering and locating the Akashic wisdom or soul’s wisdom. She has very cautiously described the Akashic Knowing Wisdom Prayer System, a five-step device with three vibrational keys at once without difficulty accessing your Akashic Record. 

In a nutshell, the wisdom stored in our Akashic Records is the experiences our soul has collected throughout our lives in this universe. Undoubtedly, our Akashic Records are the lessons we have experienced throughout our soul’s journey in this universe.  Our soul’s wisdom is unavailable in the outside world or any physical book. We can only access our soul’s book of infinite wisdom through accessing our Akashic Records. This collection of knowledge of hundreds of years of our soul’s experience in this universe cannot be found anywhere. Only the knowledge gathered through the experiences accessed within the Akashic Field helps us locate it.  

Through the connection with the Akasha, we can access any Soul records. It assists our evolution, connecting us deeply and lovingly with the source of innovative energy. The Bible refers to it as “the book of Life,” guiding us in our lives, right here and now. Furthermore, Akasha opens our eyes to a dimension of past things, time, and space. It brings us nearer to appreciating the world’s essential nature and ourselves. It reminds us of the innovative strength we lift within, displaying our endless probabilities. The book of our soul, which we refer to as our Akashic Records, has gained a top place in our lives not because it gives us access to our records but reveals our true selves. It shows that we are now not on our own and that we are constantly being guided and cared for through a most appropriate and limitless divine energy. We can discover our soul’s high-quality restoration power by gaining access to this information.


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