A Guide to Commercial Toilet Roll Dispenser

A Guide to Commercial Toilet Roll Dispenser

When you don’t find a toilet roll nothing feels more important than a toilet roll. Though toilet roll is an important thing you’ll be struck many times when you find an empty toilet roll dispenser. The embarrassment you feel when you have to ask for some toilet paper from the next cubicle with a low voice saying “sorry there is no paper”. This awkward problem has a simple solution, which is just to change your paper dispenser and have regular checkups.

You’ll find many types of toilet paper dispensers, so to choose the right one for you and how do you go to choose the right one? Here, in the article, we will help you to go through all the important things which should be considered in order to decide on the best toilet roll holder for you.


Toilet roll holders for industries and public place washrooms deliver many purposes and even have benefits which are

  • They have larger rolls and sheets compared to domestic ones
  • They cover the whole tissue and keep them clean and dry to avoid spoiling them
  • The dispensing mechanism controls the amount of wastage and costs
  • They even help in preventing theft or vandalism as many times rolls are been stolen
  • They help to keep the toilet clean and hygienic, without dispensers you might find toilet papers on bins or the floor which is not even hygienic but looks bad too.
  • It even improves the user experience, the most common complaint you’ll hear from public washrooms is empty toilet paper dispensers.


There are many types of toilet roll holders dispenser, and which type you choose totally depends on your business and washroom design. Different types of toilet roll holders have different kinds of capacities such as standard toilet paper holder, cored toilet rolls, flat sheets, and jumbo rolls. A metallic dispenser not only gives your washroom an elegant look but is even durable to withstand regular usage. As the dispenser is closed it doesn’t matter which way the roll is kept.

  • Double toilet roll holders

These toilet roll holders can hold up to two tissue rolls that have at least 100 meters of tissue in each roll and even hold the roll from dropping.The window on the dispenser offers a quick view for us to check if the dispenser needs refilling, which makes it easier for the maintenance staff to know when to refill.

  • Jumbo toilet roll holders

For the busiest washrooms, these jumbo toilet roll holders are the best ones, as they have the largest capacity for the toilet paper, the best part is they come in 3 different dimensions of 150 meters, known as mini, midi holding 250 meters, and the maxi one holding 300 meters.

Every toilet paper manufacturer designs a different kind and size of toilet paper, the core size can vary from 45mm to 76mm which helps them to provide flexibility in the choice of paper.

These jumbo dispensers are designed in an enclosed pattern to increase their strength and resist the dispenser vandalism that can be supported by a slam lock on the top.

  • Triple toilet roll holders

If you have a standard toilet and prefer buying standard toilet rolls, the triple toilet roll holder is the best one for you, it holds up to 3 rolls and is ideal for busy environments. The spare rolls can be stored to use when they are in need.

  • multi -flat toilet roll holders

If you are planning to buy the dispenser for your home or places where the washroom is used less, these flat toilet roll holders hold individual sheets making the users use less tissue and helping reduce the cost and waste of toilet paper.


If the person who is buying the toilet roll holders is planning to keep the holder in the home, the standing toilet holders are good, but for the commercial settings, the toilet paper holders which are wall-mounted are the better option. To save space in the washroom these wall-mounted toilet paper holders are mounted above the ground. This even helps in reducing the contamination as it is fixed in one place.

The best advantage of a wall-mounted toilet paper holder is it can be placed at the right height for the user’s convenience.


You’ll find many different types of toilet roll holders which are made of different materials, this varies from stainless steel to plastics, from wood to brass. You’ll even find every type of toilet paper dispenser for every kind of washroom environment.

So whenever you are planning to buy a dispenser make sure you think of the quality and advantages of each material. Though plastic will be very budget friendly but will make you change the dispenser very frequently.  This material change frequently will be very costly in the long run.

The other most common material used for manufacturing dispensers is wood. This is commonly seen in homes. This type of toilet dispenser can bring an aesthetic vibe to your washroom but these are not suitable for commercial washrooms as they cannot withstand heavy use. Wood can be damaged by the constant changes in temperature and it easily can be stained.

Without a doubt, stainless steel is the most durable material for toilet roll dispensers, along with sophistication and style they even pass every test of time by staying strong and durable.

Many people for retro and old-fashioned looks go and choose bronze, ceramic, or porcelain as the material for their toilet paper holder, as they bring a French style and Victorian style to the washroom.


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