5 Amazing Online Games To Play With Friends While Social Distancing

5 Amazing Online Games To Play With Friends While Social Distancing

Weekends are quickly approaching! The weekend’s two days, Saturday and Sunday, are dedicated to enjoying some downtime and spending time with loved ones. The COVID-19 situation, on the other hand, leaves you with no choice but to meet them digitally, therefore the opposite cannot be claimed. Why not add some excellent online games to play with pals while maintaining social distance to make it more enjoyable?

The happiest days of the week are Saturdays and Sundays, which are eagerly anticipated and are frequently spent away from the house. People like to go out with their friends, eat at well-known restaurants, shop, visit distant relatives, watch movies, and engage in a variety of other enjoyable activities. And when you live in Bangalore, a long weekend is the ideal opportunity to explore popular tourist destinations nearby, like Nandi Hills, Gokarna, Hampi, Mysore, and many others.

If you live with your family, this is the greatest time to spend time with the kids and forget about your regular office schedule. However, because the lockdown was announced, we are obligated to spend our weekend by remaining in. Your much-anticipated weekend may wind up being boring as a result of the prolonged health crisis and lockdown.

The globe has been greatly impacted since the coronavirus epidemic began. Our eating habits and greetings have changed, and we now need to adhere to proper safety precautions including keeping social distance and maintaining hygiene. Consider playing some online games with pals as the easiest approach to beat boredom.

The greatest approach to eliminate weekend boredoms would be to spend time with family and friends, however there are certain online games you can play with pals that can both help you avoid boredom and encourage a healthy method to defend yourself from the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. Without further ado, let’s discuss 7 incredible online games you may play with your buddies to avoid social situations.

Best online games for buddies to play while avoiding social interaction

1. Mario Kart Tour:

Mario Kart Tour

We are all ardent Super Mario fans from Nintendo. This time, Nintendo introduces Mario Kart Tour, a brand-new smartphone version of the beloved original game. One of the greatest online games for social isolation, playing remotely with your gaming group, is this one.

All you have to do to begin your match with your pals is to do the necessary actions. Download the app, register a Nintendo account, and then begin playing. Level 1 should be easy for all gamers to complete. You will be able to see a “Friends” symbol at the bottom of your home screen after completing the first level. After selecting the “add friend” button, you can challenge your friends to a game by entering their Nintendo Account information.

2. Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone

One of the greatest multiplayer online games is Call of Duty: Warzone, which has safety precautions in light of the continuing health issue. Even though the Call of Duty video game series has been well-liked for more than ten years and we young people have loved playing it on our PCs, the most recent instalment is dubbed “warzone.”

The game allows over 150 individuals from all around the world to get together and play, much like the well-known PUBG. Online multiplayer playlists provide a variety of gaming options as well. If you enjoy playing online arcade games with your pals, this is undoubtedly one of them.

3. Grand Theft Auto V Online

Grand Theft Auto V Online

The Grand Theft Auto, or GTA, franchise, has been popular with gamers worldwide for more than ten years. Additionally, the most recent edition of the game, GTA V, raises the bar by allowing several players to play it online in the convenience of their own homes.

The heists may be enjoyed by users on all platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with their friends. While the COVID-19 issue persists and it is unsafe to leave your house, this looks to be one of the finest online games to play with friends.

4. Skribbl


One of these multiplayer online games that kids, teens, and adults may all enjoy is called Skribbl. This straightforward yet enjoyable game combines trivia questions with the Pictionary game. Each participant in the group is given a word, and they are required to write it down on the chance and let the others guess what it means.

The person who correctly guesses the response receives the most points, and so on. You may play this online game with both public and private groups that you can form by inviting your Facebook or Whatsapp pals.

5. Scrabble


Scrabble is a board game that has been enjoyed by people of all ages for more than 80 years. Recently, an online version of the game has gained popularity. The Scrabble GO game, which was released in March 2020 in partnership with Mattel and Hasbro, has more than 2 Million downloads and active players as of right now.

This is unquestionably among the greatest online games to play with loved ones while keeping a social distance and remaining in. Get the app here.

With escalating COVID-19 instances everywhere, the crisis has undoubtedly raised a health warning on a worldwide scale. Going out to see your friends in such a situation is not the best course of action, and the best way to protect oneself from the epidemic is to stay at home. Some of our best recommendations for online games to play with pals while staying at home and avoiding social interaction are listed above.


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