2023 land-based gambling country list


Land-based gambling in the country has a long and eventful history, but the legal status of its digital counterpart is less clear. That’s because US citizens have been gambling online 메이저놀이터 for years with little trouble. However, the Illegal Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) brought about some changes.

The law prohibited financial institutions from facilitating financial transactions between online gambling sites and US residents. Some companies withdrew because of this, while others remained. Some states have vowed to welcome a variety of operators, while others are still hesitant.

United Kingdom

The British government has legalized online gaming and adorned it with rules that are transparent, specific and fair. As such, as of 2014, a huge number of sites operate both inside and outside the country, providing gaming services to people in the aforementioned countries. However, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) must first audit each operator directly and issue the appropriate licenses.

Prior to 2014, gambling sites in the UK had to hold one of a select “whitelist” license to accept bets from customers. As a result, the new laws have made the region more attractive to businesses, but the high tax rates make it less likely to grow.


Internet gambling laws in Canada are as opaque as those in the United States. On the one hand, laws have been enacted that make it illegal for gambling operators to offer services to Canadians without obtaining a license from the government. However, Canadians are free to gamble on offshore sites without fear of legal repercussions.

Similarly, each Canadian province has the power to set its own rules regarding online gambling within its borders. Several municipalities around the world have their own casinos and betting shops.


There are many different countries in Europe and all have their own rules regarding online gambling. The European Commission limits what each member state of the European Union (EU) can and cannot do. However, since the European Commission is not a central government agency, countries are free to make laws.

As a result, some countries have strict regulations, while others have none at all. Norway, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Russia are the most promising markets in Europe.


Like Europe, countries in this region are free to enact their own 메이저놀이터 game laws. However, there is no uniform continent-wide policy for traditional or online gambling. As a result, there are places where land-based casinos are allowed and places where they are not. Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Japan, China, India, Israel, Thailand and Malaysia have become some of the world’s leading tourist destinations.

New Zealand and Australia

The Australian Government introduced the Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) in 2001 to regulate and tax internet casinos and poker rooms. Therefore, Australian citizens may only participate in lottery games and sports betting provided by Australian companies. Although the federal and state governments work together to crack down on IGAs, Australians are free to register and use overseas gambling sites.

Gamblers in New Zealand rely on simple gambling laws enacted in 2003. This law prohibits New Zealand businesses from providing any services needed by gamblers and sports bettors. However, there are no laws that completely prevent New Zealanders from using overseas gambling sites.


Several African countries actively encourage various types of gambling. Land-based casinos can be found in various African countries, but South Africa is a particularly popular option for travelers. One of the few countries on the African continent to legalize online gambling, the country is at the forefront of the regulatory process.

South America

Gambling is generally accepted and even encouraged in most South American countries. For example, both lottery and horse racing gambling are allowed in Brazil. Additionally, most South American countries welcome online games from offshore sites.


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